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Choose Best Business Structure before Going to Start New Business

Published on 23 Aug 2019 / In Company

Choose Best Business Structure before Going to Start New Business :

Which Business Structure you can choose before Starting a New Business?
1. Sole Proprietorship
2. Partnership.
3. OPC – One Personal Company
4. Private Limited Company
5. Public Limited Company
6. Problems in Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
• No separate Legal Entity
• Personal Assets Part of Business.

7. LLP - Limited Liability Partnership
• Compliances are Less.
• Easy Procedure of Incorporation.
• Taxation Rate is 30%
8. Benefit of One Personal Company
9. Benefit of Private Limited Company
• Best Structure for Startups
10. Difference between LLP and Private Limited Company :
Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP )
1. Less Credibility
2. Problem in Raising Funds
Private Limited Company
1. Good Credibility
2. Can Raise Funds Easily


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