GST Update - Important issues in GSTR 9 of FY 2018 19

Published on 19 Mar 2020 / In GST

GST Update Important issues in GSTR 9 of FY 2018 19

• Important Issues IN GSTR-9 OF FY 18-19 are as follows:

1. If GSTR-9 is not filed for the FY 17-18 then GST portal is not allowing to file GSTR-9 for FY 18-19.

2. Input Tax Credit (ITC) as per GSTR-2A is not reflecting/auto-populating in Table-8 of form GSTR-9 for the FY. 18-19.Corrective measure should be taken for this.

3. Amount of transition credit, the same what we claimed & availed during the F.Y.17-18 is again reflecting/auto-populating in the Table 6 of GSTR-9 for the F.Y.18-19. Though we can edit & make the column as zero in Table 6. Such change will make the column in red color. This requires needful action.

4. In Table 6(a) of GSTR-9, ITC figure is shown from GSTR-3B, this figure includes ITC for the FY 17-18 and FY 18-19 both. Similarly, Table 4 shows figure of outward supply. This includes figure of FY 17-18 & 18-19 both.

5. Table 10,11,12,13 etc. asks for figures related to FY 17-18. All the Relevant columns should be rephrased as FY 18-19.

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