Life Insurance : How much Life Insurance cover one should have

Published on 11 Feb 2020 / In Insurance decoding with Bimtech

00:42 How much amount should be invested in Life Insurance
(Jeevan Beema Kitne ka lena chahiye)

0:51 Contract between Insurance Company and Individual.

1:48 If Individual age is 30 Years then he can take Life Insurance.

2:19 Minimum Life Insurance should be of 3 Crore 60 Lakh.

2:53 Why Individual should take Life Insurance?

3:18 Our Expenses:

a. Loan
b. Car Purchase Loan
c. Overseas Loan
d. Buying House Property
e. Children Education fees

3:35 What is Dime?

D Stands for Death
I Stands for Income
M Stands for Mortgage
E Stands for Education

5:14 Insurance should be taken on the basis of your Income

5:44 Term Insurance Plan

5:52 Domain Insurance Plan

6:04 ULIP Insurance Plan

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