LLP vs Pvt Ltd Co? Which Entity is best for a new business or start-up

Published on 20 Nov 2019 / In Company Incorporation

LLP vs Pvt Ltd? Co Which Entity is best for a new business or start-up

New Business के लिए क्या है best LLP or Pvt. Ltd. ???
Which Entity is best for a new business or start-up? LLP vs Pvt Ltd. Co.

Second Let s understand proprietorship , Partnership, LLP, Pvt. Ltd Co.
Second Proprietorship firm is easy to register and operate and requires less compliances
Second LLP is governed by LLP act 2008
Second Present below Table

comparison between llp (Limited Lability Partnership ) and pvt ltd company ( Private Limited Company) vs Partnership Firm

Comparison of Partnership, LLP & Pvt Ltd. Co.
Basis Partnership Firm LLP Pvt. Limited Co.
Liability of Partners Unlimited Liability Limited Liability Limited Liability
Joint Liability Jointly Liable Only up to capital Contribution Only up to capital Contribution
Compliance and Legal requirement Minimum Requirement Medium Requirement High Compliance Requirement
Governing Document Partnership Deed LLP Agreement MOA, AOA, Shareholding agreement
Management & ownership No Difference No Difference Separation of Management and Ownership
Name Security No security Name is secured & Unique Name is secured & Unique
Fund Raising from VC Very Less Possibility Very Less Possibility Better Chances

How to register Pvt ltd registration in india

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